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10 Words or Phrases That Dancers Know Differently

6 Dec 2015 9:19 PMLauren Nairne
10 Words or Phrases That Dancers Know Differently



1.         Frappe – A favourite for Starbucks beverage VIPs but often feared by ballet dancers.  The pain often associated with the short quick and precise barre exercise would be enough to turn anyone very quickly into a tea drinker.

2.         Travelling – Don’t we wish we were travelling to Spain on holiday rather than travelling across the same floor for the 1 millionth time only to be told to go back and travel further!


3.         Combination – Dancers make great waiters/waitresses as remembering a combination be it during a particular routine or at a Chinese restaurant is something we master at a very young age.


4.         Bun – Unfortunately the bakery variety doesn’t come with a bonus facelift like a nice tight ballet bun does.  


5.         Salsa – The Sauce came first just to be clear.  Contrary to popular belief the dance doesn’t get it’s name because of it’s ‘saucy’ nature.  It’s a mix of styles similar to the mix of ingredients in the Mexican delight. 


6.         Tap – Can someone please create  tap dance routine performed by a group of plumbers… surely someone somewhere has done this right?


7.         Attitude – I absolutely prefer the beautiful ballet position rather than the attitude my 1yr old dishes out on a daily basis.  

8.         Bar(re) – On more than 1 occasion dancers have been caught confusing a bar for the barre… After a few vinos of course J


9.         5,6,7,8 – Pull-up, prepare and GO!!!


10.       Sickle – Researching this blog I discovered that sickle isn’t just the correction that dancers fear.  It’s also a gardening tool with a curved metal blade… YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY!!! 


Do you know any more?  Post in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!