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10 Tips To Surviving Concert Season

25 Nov 2016 2:00 PMLauren Nairne
10 Tips To Surviving Concert Season


10 Tips To Surviving Concert Season 


Concert season can be stressful, you’re trying to juggle 100 different commitments between sport break-up parties, school awards nights, graduations and extra rehearsals it’s hard to lose control. 

We promise there is light at the end of the tunnel… You can get through this.  Stay calm, stay organised and follow these 10 steps that will help you out.


1.Keep a GOOD diary

Remember that diary you got at the beginning of the year with all the intentions of ‘staying on top’ of your commitments.  Well it’s time to dust it off.  There is no better time to keep all your commitments in one place than in a diary be it paper or digital.  Ensure that you transfer all the information from all the different notes that you get into your diary.  Even if you think it is small and insignificant, put it down… you’ll thank me later.


2.Read ALL Your Notes

Now is not the time of year to be skimming over the notes or newsletters.  Nobody… I repeat NOBODY wants to go to the teacher the week before concert asking a questions that was very clearly answered on the note that was given out 4 weeks ago.  Do yourself a favour, if you don’t have the time to read the notes now keep them somewhere safe until you can sit down and go through them bit by bit, with a fine tooth comb.


3.Keep Your Dance Teacher In The Loop

As dance teachers we understand that this is a busy time of the year.  We know kids have school awards, year 6 graduations, formals and presentations that they can’t miss.  It’s always nice if you can keep your dance teacher in the loop with any rehearsals that you will have to miss IN ADVANCE.  Lets face it, these commitments don’t come up overnight, if you’re organised and can give your Dance Teacher notice about your absence, I’ll give you the hot tip… they won’t be nearly as annoyed as when you send them a text on the day of rehearsals giving them the heads up that Betty won’t be in class (we DO NOT recommend that).


4.Understand That Everyone Is Stressed

Dance teachers, your lovely admin lady, school teachers, dance mums and even the dancers themselves are being pulled from pillar to post at this time of year.  Make sure you take some time to relax when you can… even if it’s just 15 minutes.  Learn the art of saying ‘no’ to un-necessary play dates or coffee catch ups that you know will only add to the ‘lack of time’ stress. 


5.Pack Snacks

Pack lots of healthy snacks for long days at school or rehearsals.  Lollies taste great but they aren’t going to help get them through long rehearsal days.  Plenty of water, easy and convenient snacks on the go are a must-have.  There may not be time to go racing to the corner shop.  Don’t add any extra stress and pack what you need before you leave in the morning. 


6.Keep Your Tickets Somewhere Safe

Pin them to your notice board, stick them into your diary.   You don’t need to wake up on the morning of concert and wonder s*&^ where are those damn tickets I brought 2 months ago….


7.Pack In Advance

You can download my ‘Ultimate Concert Checklist’ here if you need an extra hand with this one.  Don’t leave packing your concert bag, costumes and extra bits & pieces till the last minute.  Pack in advance, put the bag in the corner and then ‘voila’ it’s all ready when you need it on concert day. 


8.Buy Spares

If you have only 1 pair of ballet tights or 1 pair of fishnets… get in the car immediately, drive to the dance shop and buy a spare pair (of everything).  If you pack one you can be SURE that they will get a hole, don’t know where you will pick up a spare pair at 6pm on a Sunday night 20 min before the curtain goes up… hurry hurry hurry!


9.Follow Instructions

It may look chaotic to you but I can assure you that it’s organised chaos (well I hope so anyway).  This isn’t their first Rodeo so to speak.  Lots of thought, long nights of planning and many years of experience have gone into putting an end of year concert together.  Trust your teacher and just try to do as you’re told.


10.Write A Thank You Card

It seems for many of us the art of hand writing a thank you card or note went out of fashion with MC Hammer pants many years ago.  After the concert, after awards night is done, and before term ends make an effort to write a thank you card to each of your teachers, helpers, or important members of your family who helped you make it through.  A little recognition goes a long way.   We can’t do it alone… it takes an army to make it happen. 


Good Luck, Shine Bright & Enjoy Yourself !